Om Oss Martin

Kungstanden – Martin Lüppert

In the heart of Stockholm at Kungsgatan 29, dental care has been provided for almost 50 years!

Dentist Martin Lüppert took over the clinic in 2018. Already at a young age, his interest in dentistry was piqued as his childhood friend's father was a dentist.

At the age of 12, Martin received traditional braces, something that many of his friends also underwent. After his own and his friends' braces were removed, leaving them with straight smiles, he was fascinated by how their confidence grew and how they flourished.

He quickly realized that dental school was the obvious choice for his future career.

Martin graduated from Karolinska University in 2011.

In 2013, he started working with Invisalign (invisible braces) after training in Dubai. Since then, he has gained extensive experience in both simpler and more complex cases of orthodontics. In addition, he is a lecturer and course leader for Invisalign.

 “ For those who are embarrassed and find it difficult to smile and talk to people around them, treatment with Invisalign is a significant change, and this is something I strongly understand. Being able to help patients regain confidence in their smile is my passion. "  – Martin Lüppert

In addition to safe general dental care, we also have niche and specialist expertise in:

  • Orthodontics (dental adjustment)
  • Endodontics (root fillings)
  • Sleep apneas
  • Jaw surgery

Meet our team

Om Oss Martin

Martin Lüppert

Clinic Manager / Leg. Dentist / Invisalign – Platinum Provider & Public Speaker

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Om Oss Amir

Amir Al-Adili

Specialist dentist Maxillofacial surgery

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Om Oss Jonas

Jonas Wester

Specialist dentist Endodontics

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Om Oss Stefan

Stefan Eriksson

Docent / Associate Professor Dentist

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Om Oss Luca

Luca Pirero

Leg. Dentist

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Om Oss

Valeska Ekegren

Leg. Dentist

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Om Oss Pardis

Pardis Rahmanfard

Leg. Dental hygienist

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Om Oss Gunilla

Gunilla Boström

Leg. Dental hygienist

Om Oss Linn

Linn Jankens


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Om Oss Julia

Julia Jakobsson

Clinic Manager / Marketing / Dental Nurse

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Om Oss Madelaine

Madelaine Bardh

Personnel manager / Invisalign coordinator

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