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Welcome to Kungstanden, where our main desire is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere so that you not only feel welcome on your first visit, but are also inspired to return again and again. We value the importance of building long-term relationships and offer you the opportunity to see the same therapist at each visit. Through this continuity, we strive to create an environment where mutual trust can flourish and where you can feel comfortable and safe in our care team.

At Kungstanden values

we especially our patients who may feel anxious about dental care.

We have extensive experience in working with patients who fear dental care and place special emphasis on creating a safe and positive experience for you. By putting your security first, we strive to minimize any anxiety and make every visit with us as pleasant as possible.

We believe that the creation of a good relationship between patient and practitioner is the key to successful dental care. By investing time and commitment in each appointment, we strive to create a personal and individually tailored dental care experience. Our goal is that you should not only look forward to coming to us, but also feel well taken care of and safe every time you visit the Kungstanden.

Om Oss

About the Kungstanden

At Kungstanden, we want you to feel at home!

In bright, fresh premises with the latest technology, in the middle of the city, we make you feel confident about your smile.

We have extensive experience with fear of dental care and our dentists and dental hygienists have extensive experience.

Here you can find everything under one roof, specialist expertise in endodontics and maxillofacial surgery as well as a niche within Invisalign. We want all types of dental care to be easily accessible to you as a patient.

Our vision is to be the best in Sweden in personal treatment and deliver quality dental care in combination with exceptional aesthetics.

Welcome to book your appointment and meet our fantastic team!

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