BEFORE & AFTER the Monarchy

As we reach the AFTER stage, it is time to embrace the impressive results achieved.

Our professional care does not only strive for immediate aesthetic improvements, but also focuses on creating long-term results that are sustainable over time.

In this BEFORE stage, our team works closely with you to ensure you feel safe and fully informed about every step of the treatment.

During the initial steps, we carefully tailor a treatment plan based on your individual needs and wishes.

We not only address visible problems, but also place great emphasis on promoting long-term oral health.

AFTER dental treatments at Kungstanden mean an impressive transformation for your smile and your oral health.

Our comprehensive range of services includes emergency management, We aim to be your partner throughout the dental journey, and our dedicated staff are there to support and guide you every step of the way.

BEFORE & AFTER dental treatments at Kungstanden is a journey that extends from the first meeting to the long-term aftercare, with a focus on significant changes in both oral health and smiles.

Discover the confidence in your smile and the positive change in your oral health through our expert services at Kungstanden.

Our dedication to professional care is evident from the moment you step into our facilities.

Your oral health has undergone significant improvements and your smile now radiates confidence and beauty.

orthodontics, advanced procedures such as implant surgery, root canals, regular dental hygienist visits, Invisalign treatments, porcelain crowns, repairs and teeth whitening.

Our dedicated team is your partner throughout the dental care journey.

From the first meeting and the creation of an individual treatment plan

Each AFTER represents not only a visible change but also the foundation for a lasting positive change in your oral health and smile.

to the implementation of treatments and long-term aftercare, we strive to offer a holistic experience.